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Jake Masakayan designs, works, and studies in NYC.

Murakami Covers

Each story in the series written by Murakami is rooted in everyday experiences. As each of the protagonists lives their mundane lives, they search to break out of their routines and social molds through unsettling ways. A newlywed couple robs a “bakery” in the middle of the night, a romantic tutor pursues one of his married students, and a businessman burns barns in mornings before he goes to work. Each story’s climax is tied to a time of the day, and the colors on the covers represent this.


Kidderminster Label

This independent French record label features artist who push the envelope by creating songs that do not neatly fit into a specific genre. Each artist on the label has a unique style that does not always relate to the other artists, but they all share a common goal of creating experimental music. This system allows different artists to connect to their label without limiting their artistic expression in their music or on their album cover.


Interference Archives

The interference archive is a cultural institution dedicated to preserving the hand-drawn signs and protest paraphernalia that still hold the emotional tone they embodied decades ago. The identity plays off of this passion for a cause by using bright reds to grab a viewers attention. The halftones are meant to reflect the printed press who document and spread the message of these protests. The environmental graphics are intended to embody the items within the institution.


Agar Agar Covers

These album covers were created to reflect the surrealistic music of the French band Agar Agar. The series draws inspiration from their electronic style and obscure lyrics. Agar Agar’s lyrics are often devoid of meaning and focus primarily on rhythm. The colors were chosen to reflect the songs within each album while also referencing the motifs from the psychedelic art movement and the techno-music scene.